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Thea Loughery has ministered healing to the hearts of God’s people for over 35 years, and Sarah Compton has served and shepherded God’s people for over 40. Each one was married and served alongside her husband in ministry for many years. Later in life each one was widowed after her husband’s lengthy illness. Thea and Sarah are mothers and grandmothers who take great pleasure in spending time with their families.
After the deaths of their husbands, Thea and Sarah completed Elijah House Ministries’ Schools for Prayer Ministry Training, as well as the Internship and Residency Programs at Elijah House headquarters in the Northwest. Each one was invited to join the ministry as EH staff prayer counselors/ministers and teachers, Thea in 1998 and Sarah in 2007. As staff prayer counselors, teachers and trainers, they have ministered around the world.
In 2011, as the result of the restructuring Elijah House Ministries, Thea and Sarah cofounded Transformed Hearts Ministries with the full blessing and encouragement of Elijah House leadership and its cofounder, John Sandford, who continues as Spiritual Advisor and friend to Transformed Hearts Ministries today.
Transformed Hearts is an independent ministry, purposed to carry the heart of the message of sanctification and transformation given to John and Paula Sandford, who established Elijah House in 1975. Thea and Sarah continue to train, mentor, teach, and minister the healing love of God to the nations. Both carry a prophetic anointing and shepherd’s heart to the Body of Christ.
The desire of Thea’s heart is to know, love and please God in all things, as she fulfills His call on her life to “prepare the Bride of Christ to love Him wholeheartedly.” 
Sarah is fervent about partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring healing deep in hearts, so that God’s people may truly know their Heavenly Father and rest in His love for them. 
Thea and Sarah have each received a mandate from The Father to “go to Israel, and bring the keys of sanctification, transformation and reconciliation to the sons of Abraham” and to “Raise up an Army of Lovers who will bring in the Harvest, and an Army of Medics who will skillfully carry the hearts of the wounded to Jesus for healing.” This is their mandate and their passion. They will return to Israel in September 2017 for the second time, to continue fulfilling their mandate, as well as train an “Army of Lovers and of Skilled Medics.”
The mission of Transformed Hearts Ministries is to:
facilitate reconciliation in relationships, one heart at a time, between people and God and people and each other and
call the Body of Christ to maturity in the process of sanctification and transformation through healing seminars, conferences, retreats, and individual prayer counseling/ ministry.